A diamond and a hammer in the same store!


Casa de Oro Jewelers was established in 1979 as a wholesaler of 14k gold jewelry, gold coins, and precious metal bullion.

Today, we are a one stop shop for all things jewelry, retail and wholesale.

We carry a wide variety of fine jewelry, findings, diamonds, gemstones, and beading supplies.

We stock tools, equipment, and supplies from numerous major manufacturers.


 We specialize in custom jewelry designs!

We can cast or fabricate that special jewelry piece you have been dreaming about. Our manufacturing facility can accommodate the one unique item you have dreamed about or we can do hundreds of identical pieces for clubs, organizations, or resale.

You will learn to recognize CDO, our registered trademark, as a sign of quality.

  We utilize the latest technology and have a highly trained, friendly staff.

Repairs and other services are performed in our shop for the consumer or the trade.

We take enormous pride in our products and hope that you find something you love too!